How to Straighten a Wig Tutorial by xHezaChanx

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Tutorial: League of Legends Annie Cosplay by Anna

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Kiryuin Satsuki Cosplay Make Up Tutorial by akikazeCos

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WCS 2013 USA performance second place @ world cosplay summit Nagoya uploaded by TV FRANCE JAPON

How to Wash a Wig Tutorial by Epic Cosplay Wigs by EpicCosplayWigs

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Would you rather…

Have too many characters that you want to cosplay as OR have no idea what character to cosplay as ?

WIP - Ryuko Scissor Blade (Tutorial) by xXSnowFrostXxView the full tutorial here:

WIP - Ryuko Scissor Blade (Tutorial) by xXSnowFrostXx

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Tip Tuesday #88

Stand out by doing something different! Choose artbook outfits, include props people tend to skip or work hard to perfect a detail that other cosplayers may not have done well.

Sheryl’s DC Mask Tutorial by Itchy-Hands

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NYCC: Props Can be Returned

So no official response on this, but I have heard from a few sources that props can be picked up. So I am spreading this information in the hopes that anyone who had their prop confiscated can go retrieve it before the end of the day. 

If you know a cosplayer who is at the con and had their prop taken, please pass this info along! If you can further confirm or correct any information here, please let me know.  

@vindictis said: I heard that they had little tickets to pick them up at the end of the day. Hopefully that is what happened. (tumblr)

@alanhere said: my friend had hers held in their office. they def give them back when you’re leaving and ask! talk to someone from security. (tumblr)

 I’ve read that props can be retrieved at the security office at the end of the day. (twitter)

Mike: Very inaccurate article above. Nothing was thrown out. They are checked and you can them back when you leave. No janitors involved at all. (Facebook)

Lara: Yes! You do get them back. It’s probably a lack of communication from security but you can go to the security offices and claim your prop. (facebook)

Rebecca: If you go to the desks and ask, they’ll give props back from what we heard. Because the “crew” blue shirts are volunteers, it seems that they don’t really know what they’re looking for or what’s actually dangerous. Considering I have been hit in the head by idiots carrying boxes (of swords they bought) twice… I’d take foam. Seems like poor training versus poor rules. (facebook)

Thanks to everyone for responding!

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