Noelle’s Tutorial for Gravity-Defying Helena Bangs by HorsefeathersCosplay

View the full tutorial here:

How To - Austria Ahoge by RedeadDie

view the instructions here:

2014 World Cosplay Summit- Kirayume uploaded by Elite Cosplay

Thanks for playing! 

And here is a blank copy of the madlibs to make your own! 

Something fun

Answer this post with one of the following:
A Name (doesn’t have to be yours)
A Second Name (doesn’t have to be yours)
Costume Part
A Cosplay Crafting Tool
A Character
Something you would yell
An Adhesive


make your own:

How to style Vi wig by Chrix 

View the full tutorial here:

Would you rather…

Have someone bump into your costume and damage it OR Bump into something and damage your costume yourself?

Cutting Bangs with a Hair Razor by Epic Cosplay

View the full tutorial here:

Costume Horns: Simple Light Cheap by Kion Cosplay

View the full tutorial here:

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