Worbla I Tutorial by Fayela 

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Do you know of any good mask making tutorials for fabric or thin leather? I looked at your site and only saw latex or sculpting an already made mask and I can't put plaster or anything on my face to make a cast for a fitted mask cause it will make me break out like no tomorrow!

Adding Detail Lines to EVA Foam by Will Morgan

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Tip Tuesday #77

Work with your photographer to get the best photos! That starts with you helping them to understand your character. Know your character’s poses and be able to explain who your character is in just a few sentences. Are you a downtrodden superhero with the ability to cling to walls and make witty comments, or a pop idol princess who loves to party?


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Where's a good website to buy or order patterns for relatively cheap?

Ebay allows you find really retro patterns and may be cheap. Amazon can be cheap sometimes. You can also purchase from the pattern brand websites directly, they have the occasional sale where you can get a deal. Lastly, etsy has a variety of shops where people sell old patterns and their own pattern creations.

Anyone else have a suggestion?

hey! so, i'm planning on cosplaying arya stark some time soon-ish, and i was wondering if you could help me with the construction/fabric that would be needed for her jerkin? (it's her main traveling outfit type thing) as i'm really really lost on what to do with it. thank you so much (~:

When you’re stuck on what fabric to use, try peeking at other cosplayers! If you see fabric that works well for the piece you can ask the cosplayer what they used. Most cosplayers will happily share how they made their costumes and you might get some great advice as well. Sometimes they’ll already have a post with their progress, like this post about Arya’s pants!

Looking at this picture from the game of thrones wikia, my first guess would be that it’s strips of webbing (usually sold in rolls for strapping). My second guess would be some sort of canvas? 

Though I have seen lots of different fabrics used successfully including pleather and twill. 

btw this tutorial might help you with the project!

Ps. If you love GoT costumes you should check out Michele Carragher’s website. 

How to make Milita's hand scythes from Yang RWBY trailer? Thank you

When you can’t find tutorials for a specific character or their prop, think about characters that have a similar outfit or prop! 

My mind jumped to Marvel’s X-23 who has similar claw blades but you could also look at Wolverine and Daken’s claws for inspiration. 

Here are some tutorials / guides that can help you out:

Hope this helps, sorry for taking so long to reply! 

This Week In Cosplay:  Jul 21 - Jul 28, 2014
The cosplay tutorial list now has a legend, explaining what the icon beside a tutorial link means. If you want more detail check out this post.
Love this hobby? You might want to learn about cosplay’s history in this article titled: 75 Years of Capes and Face Paint. 
The World Cosplay Summit (WCS) kicks off in Japan. 20 countries sent their top cosplayers to compete!  Check out  their opening ceremonies  which will be going on until August 3rd. 
Geeks for CONsent managed to get 2,600 signatures on their petition for San Diego Comic Con to set up a clear harassment policy at the convention.  [secondary article here] [and a third, because this is a popular topic]
That’s right, it was SDCC this weekend and tons of stars experienced our hobby while hiding in the crowd. Stars such as Daniel Radcliffe, Audrina Patridge, Adam Savage, Jaden Smith and Peter Jackson.(If you like Adam Savage’s Alien Spacesuit, you’ll love this video)
We mentioned Marvel last week but DC fans also have a lot of new costumes to make. Check out the new movieverse Batman costume and Wonder Woman’s ensemble. 
Speaking of Batman, you might get inspired by these “Most Insane Batman Costumes You’ve Ever Seen” from the Cape/Cowl/Create event. Zack Snyder needs to let it go…
Amid the hype we also have news sites explaining what cosplay is, and we have reporters learning what cosplay is all about. 
If fashion is your passion, you might also enjoy seeing these pics of the “Geek Couture” fashion show from SDCC.
It’s fun to be in costume but “Freaking out the mundanes” can lead to you getting in trouble. If you’re transporting prop weapons, it is best to keep them out of site. There are other costumed people who aren’t so well meaning.
"Comic-Con’s Year of the Kickass Woman" an article on female attendees and female representation at SDCC.
Confessions of a Cosplay Mom: a christian mother’s postive perspective on the hobby. (Page 3 has some tips for parents who have children interested in cosplay) 
[Last Week in Cosplay] Ps. Shoutout to tgk4 for reminding me that the joint technique I was trying to remember is called the “Dovetail" - specifically a sliding dovetail. 
From OhiCosplay

Also on SDCC news, Norman Chan of Tested posted his SDCC Cosplay Gallery with 750+ pictures and he’s looking for the names of cosplayers to credit them.

This Week In Cosplay:  Jul 21 - Jul 28, 2014

[Last Week in Cosplay

Ps. Shoutout to tgk4 for reminding me that the joint technique I was trying to remember is called the “Dovetail" - specifically a sliding dovetail

From OhiCosplay

Also on SDCC news, Norman Chan of Tested posted his SDCC Cosplay Gallery with 750+ pictures and he’s looking for the names of cosplayers to credit them.

Hi! I'm planning to cosplay as Sice from FF Type-0 and I was wondering if there were any methods to make the blade and the pole detachable? I have to transport it quite a lot and I don't think I can carry sucha a thing in a car or a train. I heard of pvc sockets but maybe they show too much. I'm planning to make the pole from pvc (some cons don't allow wooden weapons, sigh) Can you help me?

There isn’t a lot of information out there for making props that come apart, at least not that I have come across. (People! Make some tutorials for this and send me links!)

There are methods though. Usually it involves one piece either sliding into or screwing into the other piece but there may be other methods as well. For example if you Just keep in mind the weight that your solution will need to support! 

You can also think about interlocking pieces. I have no clue what this is called (someone please remind me) but:

The green part is cut so the blue part can only slide in from the top and only goes as far down as the green is cut. Pieces that interlock like this can make for props that detach.

Hope this helps and goodluck!

((Also sorry about the wait for a response to this!))

I don't know if I missing it, but I haven't been able to find any decent tutorials for making old western style hats. The type of hat I need doesn't seem to exist so I will have to make it but I can't find any tutorials for how make one.

From my understanding, most hats are made by stretching the material over a form and heated to set the shape, or the material starts out wet and shrinks to the shape as it dries.

Without a picture of an idea of what kind of hat you are making it’s hard to offer advice but you can check out the hat section of the tutorial list here:

You could also look into fosshape which is a felt material that holds it shape after being heated which is used to make some hat types. You could also stretch fabric over a frame made of worbla,cardboard or other materials. Lastly, you could make a sewing pattern and sew your hat, interfacing can help with giving the hat structure. 


Working with Embellished Fabrics, Part I by Susan KhaljeView the full tutorial here:

Working with Embellished Fabrics, Part I by Susan Khalje

iew the full tutorial here:

World Cosplay Summit 2014 Opening Event in Centrair (Japanese)

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