Making Craft Foam Boot Caps by nogojo

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Tip Tuesday #82

Use a soldering iron to cut intricate designs into thermoplastics. Soldering irons can also cut intricate designs into plastic-based (synthetic) fabrics, leaving an edge that won’t fray. You can also add battle damage to EVA foam with a soldering iron. 

Keep in mind that some materials may release gases when burned. Do this in a well ventilated area!

Noelle’s Tutorial for Gravity-Defying Helena Bangs by HorsefeathersCosplay

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How To - Austria Ahoge by RedeadDie

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2014 World Cosplay Summit- Kirayume uploaded by Elite Cosplay

Thanks for playing! 

And here is a blank copy of the madlibs to make your own! 

Something fun

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Costume Part
A Cosplay Crafting Tool
A Character
Something you would yell
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