Closet Cosplay for Smash 4!

Am I too late? I had to sketch the art on the shirt with Sharpie right quick, haha. This is me as Rochelle from Left4Dead2, a Steam game for the computer!

Ahh you forgot the sign :P Thanks for the submission anyway! 

Draco Malfoy

A close second! I’ll see if I can round up a code for you as well ;) 

Draco Malfoy

A close second! I’ll see if I can round up a code for you as well ;) 

I’m cosplay Kakuzu from Naruto: Shippuden! :D

We have our winner :) Thanks for the sign! 

One smash bros e-shop code available

Winner announced

I have a Smash Bros 3DS early access demo code up for grabs. The first person to submit a picture of themselves holding an "I love cosplay tutorial" sign while in closet cosplay will receive it. Make sure your submission mentions the character you are closet cosplaying or it doesn’t count! (Submissions will be posted to the blog)

Hot Water Wig Curling by Epic Cosplay

View the full tutorial here:



I always get a little nervous when I go Cosplaying around the city and there isn’t a convention going on anywhere. You never know how people are going to react. Some people can be really cruel or the police just target you for being a “Weirdo.” Needless to say, I’m always on guard. 

However, this precious moment happen while we were at the Capitol. 

While we were setting up the Photo Shoot, these little girls came timidly walking up to us. The eldest said that the little girl in pink wanted to say hi. The little girl in pink was so shy that she couldn’t get a word out but just a shy smile. 

The eldest, who spoke for the whole group, said that all the girls had never met a Female Superhero. They were all so excited! 

I didn’t have the heart to explain that I wasn’t technically a girl but a genderbend of Bucky but all the girls were so excited to shake my hand, hug me, and just talk to me that I decided it wasn’t even worth the mention.

The younger ones kept jumping up and down and saying “You’re so cool!” - “You’re like Super Woman!” ~ “Girl Power!” They just filled up my heart with joy. 

They all had to leave after a few minutes but gave me a huge hug and said I made their trip amazing. 

Moments like this is why I believe Cosplay is so awesome! It isn’t about how many LIKES you have or how “Cosfamous” you are. It’s about doing what you love and, in the process, spreading as much love and joy to others that you feel yourself! 

( from Studio Eingana / source :  )



carry me home… [x]

(Colossalcon, June 2014)

It me!!! Archie this was such a lovely video. You are such a sweetheart and meeting you was an absolute pleasure.


I’ve had some questions about this and I’ve only now gotten around to making this. Unfortunately I didn’t take many pictures while I was making the wig, so this will be mostly text based!


  • Wire (I used floral wire, I recommend something thick)
  • Tape (Something paint will cover…



Worbla Tests - Making Worbla Smooth

We did some testing with Worbla, Gesso, Mod Podge Spray Sealer, and Plasti-Dip.

(a more detailed post on method will come shortly)

In your opinion, which yielded best results? A or B?

Thank you for running this test, Thanh. I know you’ve got one other method to try, but I’m really surprised that the classic stand by of Gesso and Mod Podge are still the best result.

I am disappoint Plasti-Dip. Much sadness.

San Diego Comic Con 2007 - #21 Sasuke Sakura Pyramid Head uploaded by acparadise

Looking for Cosplay Pictures

We want cosplay pictures to feature on the homepage!

Your picture will be featured on our homepage, with a link to your cosplay page, blog or website. The photographer or cosplay model will also be credited.

Interested? E-mail your cosplay pictures (or links to your cosplay pictures / galleries) to admin @ We’ll poke you for further details.

What can I submit?
+ Cosplay pictures you photographed
+ Cosplay pictures of your costume
+ Progress pictures that look cool
+ Pictures that would make someone say “F-yeah! Cosplay!” 

We may not accept all images (permission issues, content, size and image quality, amount of submissions, etc) but we’ll check out all submissions and get back to you.

Making a ruffly [cupcake shaped] petticoat + skirt



Circle skirt tutorialRuffle/Gathering Tutorial & Info

^important stuff

[almost] finished project! image

Read More

Orochimaru’s Upside-Down Butt-Bow from Naruto


I did a little write up on different wig dyeing methods and I figured the best way to display it is a flow chart.

Use this along with my blog post here for more info, tutorial links, pros/cons, and sample results/notes.

Edit: Added “heat resistance” to make sure no one melts their wig. Be sure to consult the blog for more info.

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