Sewing Tutorial: How to make bloomers! by Evange

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Madoka Ultimate Cosplay - How to make wings by Chibi-Tea-Sama

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Black Rock Shooter: Cannon Walkthrough by nefarial

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Mini PSA:

Please be nice to people who write tutorials!

No one is FORCED to write a tutorial about anything - they do it to help the community and share knowledge with other costumers.

Writing tutorials can be HARD. What is common sense to you…

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As someone who gives out a lot of cosplay help, I second all of this.

I can also verify that yes, tutorial creators (or anyone else who puts in time to help you along your way) want to know that you saw and appreciated their help! Acknowledge tutorial creators and other cosplay helpers. Even just liking or reblogging a post or sending a quick “thank you” ask is enough.

Pictures of the finished product are always welcome. :] Actually, I really want to see pictures of the finished product! 

Also, if you see something in a tutorial that is incorrect, unsafe, or otherwise a bad idea, please let the writer know. Not everyone is an expert on everything (and not everyone who create a tutorial is an expert). The creator would probably be grateful to know that something is unsafe so that others can be warned against using that method, and so that the creator themselves can stop using that method (or change the method, such as wearing the correct type of respirator when sanding a certain material, etc.). Safety is important, so it’s important to make sure that unsafe tutorials are corrected. Just make sure that you do it politely instead of being rude about it!

(Hypothetical example: “Hello, I saw your tutorial on makeup, and you give a lot of really good tips! However, I have to warn your followers that they should check to make sure that the pigments they use are safe for the area they are using them. A lot of reds are not eye safe, so using red lipliner as eyeliner may not be good for your eyes, so you should look for an eye-safe red pigment to get the same look, but without the potential danger. I just wanted to pass this along to make sure that you and your followers use safe makeup practices. Thanks for creating such a lovely tutorial. :]”)

One last point — a lot of tutorial writers, especially when writing about how to make something that is a little more advanced, will assume the reader has a basic knowledge about sewing/crafting/armor making/wig styling/etc., and that they won’t need to write out every single tiny step. They may just say “sew together the side seams” or “sand using 120 grit sandpaper” without giving every tiny step in between of what that entails, since they assume that you know how to sew together and finish seams, or how to safely sand, etc. If there’s something you don’t understand because of those reasons, it isn’t a bad tutorial, but you may need to look at other tutorials for help on the basics, ask the creator for help on the basics, or look for something that is more within your skill level.


Mini PSA: 

Please be nice to people who write tutorials! 

No one is FORCED to write a tutorial about anything - they do it to help the community and share knowledge with other costumers. 

Writing tutorials can be HARD. What is common sense to you might be unknown to your audience and it can be tricky to decide what to include and what not to. 

If you don’t understand a part of the tutorial or something, send the writer a polite message asking for help! Most cosplayers will be SO happy to help you and won’t be upset that you had trouble. 

So please - Don’t make comments like “This is a terrible tutorial” or “I wish this was actually useful.” This discourages cosplayers from making more tutorials!! Just send a nice message asking your questions or telling them what you think could be added to improve. 

Thanks guys! <3 Keep supporting each other!! 

<3 Emi of L2S Cosplay

Adding to this: even a “bad” tutorial has it’s merits:

  • It could tell you what won’t work at all, so you know to avoid that method
  • It may be a decent attempt but needs to be built upon (ie: they skipped sanding)
  • It may be a good tutorial but limited by the skill or the time spent by the creator (if the only problem is a messy paint job, you can fix that on yours)
  • Sometimes they include advice about what they would have done differently, so you can learn from their mistakes

and if you found a tutorial helpful, let the creator know! Leave a comment, send a message, show them what you made … I am sure most of them will be happy to know that their tutorial is being useful :D 

How To: Fabric Stitchy Bookmark by      

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How to make a choucroute (beehive) wig by Biseuse

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WCS World Cosplay Summit Brasil 2013 - Paulo e Fernanda: Card Captor Sakura uploaded by RodIshiCi

Working with Worbla: King Loki build Staff/Scepter by Coregeek Cosplay & Creations

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I find the responses to this week’s “Would You Rather” really interesting! I remember when it was somewhat common for people to wear their half-finished costumes to small conventions to test them. Then they would finish the costume and make changes for larger cons. Seems like the community has moved past doing that. 

Would you rather…

Go to a convention without a costume (in plain clothes) OR Go to a convention in an obviously half-finished costume


Since so many people asked, here’s how I make the fake blood (or genetic material, whatever you want really).

If you were the Tumblr user that told me how to do this, please let me know so I can give you credit for teaching me!! (I’m so sorry I forgot)

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