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Hey guys! So on Facebook, I have a lot of friends that I’ve met on Tumblr and I typically get Sailor Moon/Anime related news over on those parts. So when my friend Raechel posted this article written by a young lady name Chaka, I had to read it. 

Do you guys remember this picture? 


Well apparently, Chaka’s simple and elegant cosplay of Sailor Venus was the topic of much racial tension over the past year. The comments that were circulating around all social media outlets were DISGUSTING and I remember them clearly. 

So please read this article if you enjoy cosplay or are interested in cosplay because this girl is amazing and I want people to cosplay no matter what ethnicity they are.

Really disheartening to read this article, but I suggest everyone check it out to see what’s a part of the community / extended community of commentators.

Reading this sometimes makes me scared about cosplaying and good for her for not letting it stop her from doing what she loves. That takes guts. She did a wonderful job with her cosplay. Looks amazing.

I know I don’t look like typical characters-I am short and a bit overweight due to some medical conditions (thyroid among others), I have really dark hair and eyes, etc…. While I can wear wigs, use binders, etc…contacts are out of the question due to extreme sensitivity. I know I am not seen as the typical 'standard' of beauty. 

But I cosplay what I want/who I want. That’s the way it should be. You may not have control of somethings, but that shouldn’t stop you from showing your love for characters.  

People can be terrible at times and sadly, I been saying that too often these days. 

I think everyone gets a little scared or nervous before wearing a costume. My fear is that I get decked out and travel all the way to the con area but then it’s not con weekend and I look really weird being the only person wandering around in full costume >_<! I don’t think I would really be embarrassed or anything, but I always feel paranoid until I see other cosplayers. 

As for haters, here is the way I see it: there are jerks who will make fun of you no matter what you wear and no matter what you look like, so you might as well wear what makes you feel awesome!  :) 

(And even though the jerks tend to be the loudest, there are tons of people who give out compliments and positivity. There is a balance, even if we don’t always see and hear it)

A short video explaining how to cosplay: planning out and working on your first costume!

Check out for more cosplay tips and tricks!

Montauk Point & Theme for Harold (var. 2) by Kevin MacLeod (

Im trying to make the Eva Unit 01 from Evangelion. What would you suggest i make the armor and melmat out of and how would i make it?

There are a bunch of different armor tutorials (organized by material) here:

Check out a couple tutorials from each section to see what will work best for your budget, skill level and tools you have available!

So I am making a cosplay of Hephaestus from Olympus Overdrive, I am having trouble on how I should go about making the jacket, It's a Half Leather Jacket with a hood but the front of the hood comes up over his nose, I was wondering if there is any type tutorial that would be best fitting for this
Hello! I asked a question the other day about insulation foam, and I've managed to find something, so I'd just like to give a tip for Followers in the UK; Celotex seems to be our equivalent to pink/blue insulation foam. I'm not sure how common the knowledge is, but it was pretty difficult for me to find it, so I thought I'd just share, just in case anybody else is having the same issue as I did.

Thanks for sharing! 

I am going as Levi from Attack on Titan and I have no idea what to do for his little white scarf!
I want to Cosplay as Female Natsu Dragneel from Fairy Tail and Allen Walker but I'm only 14 and don't know what to do the only Cosplay I did was Matryoshka Kaito and my older sister helped with that. Can you please help me?

Gather references, break down the costume into individual parts (wig, hat, shirt, skirt…) and determine if you want to make the costume, purchase the costume or alter existing pieces of clothing to make the costume. 

Which method is best will depend on the costume itself, your budget, your tools and your skill level. Breaking the costume down into individual parts helps you to see how complex or simple the costume is! 

Don’t be afraid to ask your sister for more help, just make sure to thank her ;) 


I'm planning to cosplay Ciel phantomhive when he is disguised as a female, do you know of any ways to make a dress cage? Or any thing I can use instead of a cage? My friend suggested attaching hula hoops in, to give it the shape, would that work?

You can purchase hoop skirts online. There are different sizes and shapes so you need to read descriptions and look at pictures to make sure you’re buying the right one but mine was only $40 including shipping. That was quite a few years ago so it may be cheaper now. 

If you want to make your own there are some tutorials here:

Hula hoops could work but they’re a lot bulkier. They work best for skirts like this:


Hiya! I'm working on a Hatsune Miku cosplay (her infinity design) and I'm having difficulty finding a way to approach her top. Any thoughts? Love your stuff, it's incredibly helpful.

(photo from 

It’s hard to find a good image of this outfit, blah! From what I can see the shirt is 3 individual parts. A spaghetti top, a vest and a collar. The strings near the tie might be part of the spaghetti top or the vest, but I think it will be easier to put on if it is part of the top. 

The shirt you could buy or make with a pattern, the vest could also be made with a pattern. 

Here are some tutorials for the collar:


How To Cover Cosplay Shoes by NSCosplayView the full tutorial here:

How To Cover Cosplay Shoes by NSCosplay

View the full tutorial here:

Bonus Tuesday Tip

If you’re stuck on what fabric to use for a project, ask your friendly neighborhood fabric store employee! They know where the good stuff is ;) 

(I got some excellent advice today at King Textiles :P ) 

Vi&#8217;s from LoL Shoe Tutorial (Craft foam shoe modifications) by shinjusworkshopView the full tutorial here:

Vi’s from LoL Shoe Tutorial (Craft foam shoe modifications) by shinjusworkshop

View the full tutorial here:

Summer convention? You&#8217;re probably wearing a costume that shows some skin, and you&#8217;ll probably be outside for at least a couple hours! Sound like you? Well, then you should pack some sunscreen along your regular convention gear. Especially if you plan to be out in the sun for long periods of time or burn easily! I&#8217;ll tell you from experience, it&#8217;s not fun having a sunburn and a costume :P 

Summer convention? You’re probably wearing a costume that shows some skin, and you’ll probably be outside for at least a couple hours! Sound like you? Well, then you should pack some sunscreen along your regular convention gear. Especially if you plan to be out in the sun for long periods of time or burn easily! 

I’ll tell you from experience, it’s not fun having a sunburn and a costume :P 

Two questions regarding the same thing: 1. Do you know a good tutorial for beginners on using liquid latex on elf ear prosthetics? 2. Do you know if once said ears are applied with glue, latex, whatever, is it okay to sleep on them? In the event that I were to put them on the night before to save me time in the morning



1) Using on or to make? I personally recommend buying them, it’s a lot easier and usually cheaper too. 

If you mean using on to attach, keep in mind that latex stinks! If you are doing it in a bathroom or enclosed area you’ll probably want to turn on the fan or open a window. A lot of people use spirit gum to attach elf ears and only use latex on the joints. Medical and theatrical adhesives (such as pros-aide) are the best choice for attaching the prosthetics.

Also keep in mind that latex, and any adhesive, will stick to hair - including the small little peach fuzz hair that is on the ears. There are removers for latex but it should peel off on it’s own, but if it catches the hairs it might be a bit annoying to get off and possibly a bit painful. You can remove the hair to prevent this, but ears are a tricky area. 

As for how to stick it: I use foam sponges to apply the latex. It takes about 5-10 minutes to dry (less for thin layers) and about an hour to cure fully! Like most adhesives, it works best if you apply it to both your prosthetic and the skin and wait until it’s tacky to adhere the two. You can use a few layers of liquid latex over the joint (where the prosthetic ends) to hide the edge. Once dry, you’ll want to use makeup over the prosthetic*** and your ear so that they match! Face powder works to help give it a more natural look as well :) 

*** Use a water based makeup if possible. Oil based makeups such as creme theatrical makeup will break down the latex over time and you probably want to hold onto your elf ears! If you have an oil based makeup you can use castor oil on your latex prosthetics first to protect them.

Though you asked for tutorials so here is what I could find:
Attaching with latex:

Attaching with spirit gum:

Castor oil before paintin:

2) I can’t see why it wouldn’t be okay to sleep with them on but they might come off depending on how much you toss and turn in your sleep.

Most prosthetic adhesives dry quite quickly, so you wouldn’t be saving yourself much time. I find the makeup is what makes getting ready take awhile and you can’t really sleep with makeup on … it messes up and gets on the bed!  

I actually just emailed Aradani Costumes(they make all sorts of latex ears that all the cosplayers I follow rave about) the other day to ask about using liquid latex to blend the edges of the ears into your skin and that’s apparently a not so great idea. Since the ears themselves are latex, the liquid latex will not come off the edges of your ears and after a few uses, the edges progressively get thicker and thus harder to blend which will quickly make them useless and/or awkward looking. They recommend using just a dab of spirit gum to attach the ears and then a simple ear cuff to hide the edges in the event that your hair won’t hide them.

Good catch, I should have mentioned that ;) Thanks for the addition!

That also happens when you use liquid latex as an adhesive on latex appliances so the inside of the piece will build up over time as well. If you are using latex to blend edges or adhere on a latex appliance then you limit the amount of times you can successfully use the appliance! 

Hence why other adhesives (such as spirit gum and pros-aide) are more commonly used. Alternatively the elf ears could be made from a different material such as silicone or gelatin, not to sure if latex will adhere to silicone though. 

For those that use the tutorial list… ?

I am planning to do a lot of upgrading to the cosplay tutorial website over the summer holidays and the tutorial list is at the top of my to-do pile. Since it has grown so large (and with the update it will be even larger) I’ve been concerned about the amount of time that the page takes to load. 

So please give me your opinions:
Would you rather the list be all on one page with a slower load time? OR Would you rather it be divided up by section with each section on it’s own page? (Ex. Wigs and Hair one page, Armor another page)? Would you be super angry if I changed it / didn’t change it? Please give your feedback! 

You can provide your feedback by posting here, sending a submit (will not be published) or e-mailing

the tutorial list can be found here »