Hi, I'm planning on making a Bioshock 2 Big Sister cosplay for my next con but I have no idea how to get the air tank and cage to stay on my back. Do you have any suggestions?

You’re probably going to want to use some form of harness to help support the weight on your back and attach it to yourself. Check out these wing harnesses for some ideas:

Watch Nel’s Cosplay Boot Cover Tutorial!

Hello! I was wondering, do you have any cosplay tips on how to make a staff Morrigan (from dragon age) uses?

There are a bunch of different staff tutorials here.

I suggest reading through a few of them and then choosing a method that is going to work for your budget, skill set, and tools you have available.

Wooden dowels or thin pvc pipes are common bases for staves, and insulation foam / expanding foam are common materials for lightweight staves and props in general. 


How do you make Dirk Strider glasses?
Hello there! I'm going to be cosplaying princess peach but the race track suit version and I was wondering how I should go about making her ponytail. Thanks for your time!

You’re going to be so cute! :P 

Check out these tutorials for adding a ponytail to a wig. The easy way is to make a clip-on ponytail, the more challenging way involves adding wefts and stubbing but if you have a thick wig you might be able to get away with just pulling it up. The major difference in appearance is that you’ll have hair hanging down with the clip-on, and the hair will all be pulled up with stubbing. 


Tutorial for Anna Boot Embroidery or Other Cosplay by MomoKurumi

View the full tutorial here:

Handmade Lunch Bag tutorial by Create-Celebrate-Explore

View the full tutorial here:

How would you go around making a crown? My friend and I want to cosplay Fat Princess and are unsure how to make the crowns.

There are a bunch of crown tutorials here that can help you out.

Crowns can be made by many of the same materials used for armor.  What works best will depend on your budget, space/tools available and the crown itself.

My go-to for a simple crown would be worbla sandwiched around craft foam or just craft foam by itself with some good priming before painting. 


Asuka Plugsuit Tutorial by Nyu Nyu Cosplay

View the full tutorial here:

I was wondering how to make a ribbon like on Ayano Tateyama from KagePro wears? I'm not sure if it has a specific type of name or not and the way it's presented looks pretty complicated to make.

Image from

'm not sure what you mean by “ribbon”? 

If you mean her scarf, it depends on if you want to sew, crochet or knit it. Though you could also purchase one. 

If you mean her uniform scarf/bow thing there are some school uniform tutorials here and some bow-specific tutorials here

Hope this helps!

I am looking at styling a wig for an Alana (Saga comic series) cosplay, I've been looking at a few styles and colors and while I found the color I was hoping to find it does not come in a style with a full skin top. Do you reckon I need one or am I just imagining it?

Image from:

Skin top wigs make it easier for parting, but you can part a wig without a skin top. You’re biggest challenge will be doing it without having the netting be visible which can be resolved with a thick wig or by adding wefts to the wig to make it thicker in that area. 

So I don’t think you need one but if you really want one… have you considered dyeing a wig? Black is a difficult colour to achieve so I would recommend using the FW Ink method (their ink is actually black, or closer to black than sharpie which is a mix of purple and such). Skin tops don’t really hold the ink from ink-dying but if it does you can clean it off with rubbing alcohol if it gets coloured. 


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