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I'm cosplaying as Touka Kishi from Yozakura Quartet: Hana no Uta, but I have no idea how to go about making her ahoge-thing... It's like a square that comes up from her hair... Any suggestions or ideas? ( ̄◇ ̄;)

I would say create a spike with hairspray and/or glue and once dry just cut it so that it is a blunt squareish shape. Some images it still looks to have a bit of a point so you may want to cut it on an angle instead, whatever you feel is most accurate! You may need to use a bit of hairspray after cutting to get that shape to stay. 

Humber College played host to a mini comic-con last week and just posted a short video of the event. It featured some of the cosplayers who showed up to school in costume including myself. There was some really great costumes there, kudos to everyone who had the guts to go to class dressed up! 

The two costume contest winners were Kasia Cosplay as Perona from One Piece and Royal Cosplay as Chihiro from Dangan Ronpa

(I don’t normally self-post on Cosplay Tutorial but I am really happy about my zombie costume getting a couple seconds in this video [at 0:22] :P)

Hello! I'm fairly new to cosplay, and I'm wondering, what methods of prop-making you would recommend for somebody with little space? I want to try working with insulation foam, but I don't know if I have the room to make anything! The biggest room in the house is mostly taken up by furniture, so there's not a lot of space to clear. Uh, also, where exactly do you get the kind of insulation foam people use for cosplay? It seems different the insulation foam in England.

First off, pay attention to prop size. If you don’t have the space to work on a large prop you probably don’t have the space to store one. I tend to avoid overly large props for this reason, where would I put them? Smaller props take up less working space too. 

Can you work outside? I do most of my major prop work outside, particularly painting because ventilation is important! I do a lot of prop work on the front porch so you don’t need -that- much room unless the prop itself is quite large. Even this ridiculously sized prop was mostly worked on in one room. 

Do what you can to make as much space as possible and then work with the space you have available! 

Insulation Foam:
There are different kinds of insulation foam. Most of the time people say “insulation” foam they mean the pink (sometimes blue) stuff used for insulating walls:

Expanding foam also goes by the name insulation foam, it’s still foam but comes in a can:

These are both available at hardware stores and home improvement / construction supply stores!  The expanding foam may also be available at bigbox stores like Walmart. 

Hope this helps!

I'm looking to cosplay Kill la Kill's Ryuko Matoi in her more scantly clad fighting outfit. However, I'm getting stuck on how I should get in and out of the top, since the pvc/ pleather fabric I'm using barely stretches, and it looks like an awkward turtleneck. Any suggestions?

 Awesome! I watched the finale yesterday and am SO PUMPED to do some cosplays from the show and so this ask just feeds my excitement! 

If the fabric doesn’t stretch you’re probably going to need to make it open and close at some point. Zipper or velcro are secure choices, and with an outfit that risque you are going to want a secure closure. I would put it on the front, hidden by the red line or on the back, hidden by the vent piece. 

Goodluck! Send me a picture when you’re done! :D 

@cyansonata said: or just get some 4 way stretch vinyl because otherwise it is not going to cling the way it should at all. even with a fastener you’d need a million seams to give in the shape just having a stretch fabric would eliminate.

This too, if upgrading the fabric is a possiblity :)   

Any thoughts on how to do Molly Millions from Neuromancer?

I don’t know anything about her but she looks creepy-cool :) 

Just like any costume start by collecting reference pictures and breaking it down into individual parts. Plan it out, what can you make and what will you be buying? What materials can be used? Look up other cosplayers and see how they did it and google search for tutorials.  

Do you have any suggestions for really simple arrow quivers? Preferably something with minimal sewing, or able to be hand sewn if any. As well as arrows to fill this quiver? They don't need to be shooting ready, just decorative.

Some bow and arrow tutorials can be found here. If they don’t need to be shooting ready you can basically use anything that will give you the right look! From plastic tubes to thin wooden dowels for the shaft, feathers to craft foam for the fleching and clay or foam for the tip. 

There are lots of different quiver tutorials out there, some involve basic sewing while others involve wrapping a base in fabric


Hiiii! I read your disclaimer about not asking "how to make this" type questions.. So I'll try to reformat it.. I am going to be doing a Poison Ivy cosplay and I was wondering what would you recommend to use for Poison Ivy's corset/leotard? I'm having a hard time finding a good body suit and I'm not the best, best with the sewing machine.. Thank you!

I think it largely depends on what version you plan to do but I will offer some ideas and you can weigh the pros and cons against your particular costume choice :) 

If it’s just for the legs you could look into green nylon tights or leggings. I know both Target and Walmart carry them and you may be able to find coloured nylons in other clothing stores, lingerie stores and online. Relatively cheap, no sewing, pre-coloured! 

If it’s full body you need covered you can look into catsuits, leotards and zentai suits (just remove the hood). is a great resource site for learning how to make one and it offers patterns as well. For buying you can check costume shops and dance stores (both in person and online). Zentais are often sold under the title of “morph suit” and are fairly popular so they should be easy to find. 

For the corset, try looking for a sewing pattern that suits your character’s design. You may need to add onto it (like sewing on leaves) but it should help you with the basic structure. You could also purchase a corset or similar piece and build onto it. 


How can you make your face appear rounder? I'm trying to realistically cosplay a plus sized character, but my face is a bit narrow. I know about body padding, but would you be able to do that on your face without looking strange? Thanks.

If you want to full out change your face shape you can do so by wearing prosthetic appliances, either ones you made or ones you purchased. If you aren’t looking for a drastic change you can use contouring (shading and highlighting) to chance your face. 

Since most people are out to look less fat it’s difficult to find tutorials for making your face look rounder. I suggest reading up on contouring to understand how it works and then experimenting to see what works. Research fat makeup (google gives some results) to get an idea of what to contour, and how to pose your face. 


Hi there , do you have any tutorials on how to make the attack on titan patches ( like the survey corps , garrison , and military police patches ) without an embroidery machine ?

it will take awhile but you can hand-embroider the designs:

You could also look online for pre-made patches or places that do custom patches. I’ve seen some cosplay commissioners advertise custom patches so they are out there, you just have to search a bit. Etsy may also be a good place to look. 

Alternatives would be screen printing, iron on transfers, vinyl transfers or stencil + paint.

Hey I'm not sure if you've answered this before, but do you have an suggestions for making large swords detachable for packing purposes? I've had a few ideas...But I'm worried about a way way obvious seam. Thanks for you help!

The only multi-piece prop tutorial I know of is this one by volpin:

Having the seam where the pieces naturally come apart is the best for hiding it but that will entirely depend on the sword’s appearance. You also have to keep in mind the weight; Both the weight of the sword on the grip, and the weight that the joint will have to support. 

Sorry that I can’t offer more advice! 

If anyone knows of some detachable prop tutorials please send them my way! 

Hey! I was just wondering if you had any tips on what type of fabric to use for Panne from Fire Emblem's cosplay and maybe even how to go about the shoes. Thanks!

It looks like leather armor to me. Alternatively you could use vinyl for a similar look but you’re not limited to just those - you could get away with other heavy weight fabrics, craft foam or worbla too. What will work best will depend on how you interpret the outfit. 

As for shoes, look into boot cover tutorials can help you form the pattern. You could make it out of fabric/leather or craft foam/worbla as well:

You can use this tutorial to help give you the bare-feet look:


Hey, I'm planning a Nicholas D. Wolfwood (from Trigun) cosplay, and an Amelia Ann Mcfly (From Trigun: Badlands Rumble) any tips on making Wolfwood's Punisher, or Amelia's coat?

The best way to get tips on making stuff from a specific cosplay is to look for other cosplayers who did it well and ask them questions! The majority of cosplayers will give you a response and possibly more information than you asked for! Just remember your please and thank yous, and let them know you think they did an awesome job :)

Lots of cosplayers will share their progress and construction notes on their fanpages or cosplay sites (like deviantart or So you may not even need to ask to get a lot of great tips! 

As for tips for making:
get references, break it down and plan it out.

For the prop you’ll want to keep the weight in mind an choose lighter weight materials if you plan to carry it all weekend.  You may want to make it hollow so that it’s lighter.

For the coat, look for similar sewing patterns that you can alter. That way most of the sizing / fitting and shape is planned out for you!

Tear Grant’s Boot Cover Guide by EternalZaryaView the full tutorial here:

Tear Grant’s Boot Cover Guide by EternalZarya

View the full tutorial here:

It’s miserable trying to coordinate 8 people’s schedules to practice. It’s miserable when it’s Thursday night, and you’re not finished. It’s miserable when you go shopping and they don’t have the blue you want. It’s miserable when your buddy forgets something vital, and can’t wear the costume. It’s miserable when it’s Saturday afternoon, and you can’t find the makeup guy. But when you hit the convention floor and everyone goes “wow! you guys look so awesome!” it’s totally worth it.
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Bayonetta wig tutorial by TifaxView the full tutorial here:

Bayonetta wig tutorial by Tifax

View the full tutorial here: