for a jack frost cosplay from rise of the gaurdians what should i do for skin tone? in some shots hes just pale but in other shots his skin is whitish and ive seen cosplayers do either way and they both look good. also, what type of wig do you recommend and any advice on styling it? and how would i do those little designs on his hoodie?

Generally for a normal looking appearance you shouldn’t go more than three shades lighter or darker than your skin tone.Just something to keep in mind if you choose to go paler.

Since the costume is your interpretation, I suggest you check out other cosplays and decide what you think looks best!

Get a wig that is already short, and/or fairly full. That way you’ll know the netting won’t be visible. There are some wigs that are made for spiking (ex. Punky) which will make your life easier, but you can spike just about anything as long as you use enough hairspray / glue.

When I spike wigs I use got2bglued freeze spray since it dries fast, and I use white school glue to form the tips. It keeps them together and helps the spike hold it’s shape.

You can learn more about spiking a wig here:

And someone else asked about the frost patterns, you can see the suggestions here:


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