FAQ Monday - Where Can I Buy a Wig?

It’s been a while since we’ve had a FAQ Monday!

When I first started in cosplay I didn’t know where to find a wig, and local coloured wigs were literally over a hundred dollars. There weren’t a lot of options for purchasing wigs online, especially for cosplay purposes - but now wigs can be found for low prices, and are everywhere!

So where can you buy a wig?

Local Wig Stores/Costume Shops - People who live in large cities, or near cities, should have a variety of wig stores and costume shops to check out. You can usually find them by some google searching, or adventuring around.

When buying from a local store, be aware of prices and quality. Halloween costume wigs are usually very thin, shiny, can’t take heat and are often in the range of $10-20. For cosplay purposes you generally want a Kanekalon or Toyokalon wig. There are other fiber types that will resist heat, you can ask questions at the store to see if the wig will work for your purpose!

Conventions - It’s becoming common to find a variety of costume supplies being sold at conventions, from wigs to full costumes and everything in between. You may be able to find a deal at a convention if you know what your next costume is!

Just like with costume stores you should still be on the lookout to avoid Halloween wigs, and that prices are reasonable!

If you find a seller that has quality wigs, ask for their card. If they are local you can visit their store when working on future costumes, and if they aren’t local you may be able to purchase from their website.

e-bay - E-bay can be a gamble, as with any online shopping. Personally, I have had some really good experiences with e-bay and have bought many wigs from various sellers.

Always check a seller’s feedback, and google search their name to see if you can find any reviews! Also check the pictures, and contact the seller if you have any questions.

Be aware of shipping prices, wigs could be priced very low with extreme shipping costs added on. This is a tactic to look like they are low price, while not actually being a deal! Also be aware of shipping times, especially when shipping internationally.

Online Wig Stores - There are many cosplay specific stores where you can purchase wigs, and just general wig stores. Like with e-bay, always research a seller before making a purchase and be aware of shipping costs and time.

Here is a list of some wig stores:

Taobao - Don’t know much about Taobao, but you generally need to purchase through a shopping service. There are lots of guides available for Taobao shopping if you are interested!

Second Hand - Some conventions have second-hand markets, Anime North has the Nominichi; There are also places online where you can find second hand cosplay wigs and items such as’s For Sale:Wigs(Used) section

When buying online be wary of the product! Make sure to read the description, look at pictures, and ask questions before making a purchase.

Be wary that the cosplayer selling the item could have a different head shape from you, and so bangs that were cut could be shorter or longer on your head.

Remember, when buying anything you should try to be as informed about the product as possible! Read descriptions, look up store policies, be aware of shipping times, and check a seller’s feedback to avoid scammers. If you are buying in person, try to see and touch the wig if possible to know what you are purchasing, and don’t be afraid to ask questions!

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