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Oh goodness, your blog is a lifesaver! I was wondering if you could maybe help me with something.. This lovely lady’s wig is beyond my reason. I have a short white wig at the moment, and I was wondering if maybe hair chalks or extensions could get those brightly colored streaks into it? And, how would I go about spiking it?


Cosplay Tutorial says:

Thanks for submitting a reference picture!

Usually wigs are colored with either inks, RIT dye or wig dye. Inks are the most common for cosplay and there are a lot of tutorials out there for dyeing and coloring wigs:

Because it’s only the tips that are coloured, you could use a marker directly on the hair. It’s less messy than other forms of dye and you have more control, but it takes a bit of patience to sit there and color it. Use cardboard as a backing for when you color so the marker doesn’t go everywhere.

I haven’t used hair chalks, but it is possible they would give you a bright colour but it sounds like it would rub out of the wig (and onto your costume). Since it’s just the tips, extensions won’t give you the right effect but it could work for the green/blue at the sides.

This section has a variety of links to help with spiking:
Mostly it’s gathering the hair and using hairspray to hold it in place. You can use white school glue on the very tip of the spike to keep it together, and define the point!

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