First start by breaking down the outfit: the Cropped jacket, The corset top, the over skirt and the underskirt.

When looking for sewing patterns, you can browse the catalogs of majors brands on their websites. These are usually carried in sewing stores, but can also be purchased online:

Since the skirt isn’t something you would see in day-to-day fashion, your best bet is to check the “Costumes” section of these sites. Remember to keep an open mind when looking for patterns, you may need to alter the pattern to get it to work for your project. You may also need to use pieces from multiple patterns (corset from one, skirt from another).

Here are some patterns that could work, I suggest doing some more searching to see if you find something that works better:
Skirt/Puffed sleeves (could alter into crop jacket) -
Overskirt / underskirt / collared jacket -
corset -
corset -
cropped jacket with puff sleeves  -

For the skirt itself, you can also find a lot of tutorials online for basic skirts. For the shape, you’ll probably want a circle skirt. There are a ton of skirt tutorials here:

And wig places. I buy a lot of wigs from e-bay, I usually get some good quality ones.

Guy on the left is wearing a cut and restyled wig from TheFiveWits, it’s the Pale Something Hearts Blah wig. It’s Hiperlon fiber which means you can use heat tools on it, but Hiperlon apparently doesn’t take ink dyeing well. You can use fabric dye on the fibers successfully.

My wig on the right is from ebay seller Tedacrop, as it’s a cheaper wig it has some short crimped fibers to help fill out the wig and provide volume. I suggest them if you are looking for something cheap, since this wig (which was 30” before styling) was only $20 and was easy to work with. The crimped fibers helped with creating the part.

Another wig seller I have purchased from is Arda Wigs which are more pricey, but also have much thicker wigs. I purchased a wig from them for Lady Loki and it was gorgeous.

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