Hi im doing a nurse joy cosplay and i was wondering if i could have some advice on how to do the hair loopies on the wig i really dont know plz help

If you’re ever stuck on how to bring something into the real world I find looking at other people’s cosplays and asking them questions can help you figure it out. Many cosplayers are happy the share how they accomplished something -especially if you shower them with compliments.

The wigs section of the tutorial list has a bunch of links to help you out. 

I’ve seen the nurse joy wig done two ways: either the hair is wrapped over a foam shape and attached to the wig or, like this mami wig tutorial, the hair is made stiffer and held in the shape by wires. I’ve also seen variations where the hair is braided and forming a loop, but you  could also get extensions and loop them around without any product but they’ll be quite limp. 


Where's a good website to buy or order patterns for relatively cheap?

Ebay allows you find really retro patterns and may be cheap. Amazon can be cheap sometimes. You can also purchase from the pattern brand websites directly, they have the occasional sale where you can get a deal. Lastly, etsy has a variety of shops where people sell old patterns and their own pattern creations.

Anyone else have a suggestion?

hey! so, i'm planning on cosplaying arya stark some time soon-ish, and i was wondering if you could help me with the construction/fabric that would be needed for her jerkin? (it's her main traveling outfit type thing) as i'm really really lost on what to do with it. thank you so much (~:

When you’re stuck on what fabric to use, try peeking at other cosplayers! If you see fabric that works well for the piece you can ask the cosplayer what they used. Most cosplayers will happily share how they made their costumes and you might get some great advice as well. Sometimes they’ll already have a post with their progress, like this post about Arya’s pants!

Looking at this picture from the game of thrones wikia, my first guess would be that it’s strips of webbing (usually sold in rolls for strapping). My second guess would be some sort of canvas? 

Though I have seen lots of different fabrics used successfully including pleather and twill. 

btw this tutorial might help you with the project!

Ps. If you love GoT costumes you should check out Michele Carragher’s website. 

How to make Milita's hand scythes from Yang RWBY trailer? Thank you

When you can’t find tutorials for a specific character or their prop, think about characters that have a similar outfit or prop! 

My mind jumped to Marvel’s X-23 who has similar claw blades but you could also look at Wolverine and Daken’s claws for inspiration. 

Here are some tutorials / guides that can help you out:

Hope this helps, sorry for taking so long to reply! 

Hi! I'm planning to cosplay as Sice from FF Type-0 and I was wondering if there were any methods to make the blade and the pole detachable? I have to transport it quite a lot and I don't think I can carry sucha a thing in a car or a train. I heard of pvc sockets but maybe they show too much. I'm planning to make the pole from pvc (some cons don't allow wooden weapons, sigh) Can you help me?

There isn’t a lot of information out there for making props that come apart, at least not that I have come across. (People! Make some tutorials for this and send me links!)

There are methods though. Usually it involves one piece either sliding into or screwing into the other piece but there may be other methods as well. For example if you Just keep in mind the weight that your solution will need to support! 

You can also think about interlocking pieces. I have no clue what this is called (someone please remind me) but:

The green part is cut so the blue part can only slide in from the top and only goes as far down as the green is cut. Pieces that interlock like this can make for props that detach.

Hope this helps and goodluck!

((Also sorry about the wait for a response to this!))

I don't know if I missing it, but I haven't been able to find any decent tutorials for making old western style hats. The type of hat I need doesn't seem to exist so I will have to make it but I can't find any tutorials for how make one.

From my understanding, most hats are made by stretching the material over a form and heated to set the shape, or the material starts out wet and shrinks to the shape as it dries.

Without a picture of an idea of what kind of hat you are making it’s hard to offer advice but you can check out the hat section of the tutorial list here:

You could also look into fosshape which is a felt material that holds it shape after being heated which is used to make some hat types. You could also stretch fabric over a frame made of worbla,cardboard or other materials. Lastly, you could make a sewing pattern and sew your hat, interfacing can help with giving the hat structure. 


I really want to make a she Thor cosplay but I have no idea where to start and I was hoping you guys could help me? I love your blog so much it's super helpful by the way :D

This post is older than the “new Thor” news, so I’ll answer based on making your own female version of a male character. However, check out the art for the new Thor because you might like that design and it’s canon! 

First things first: Pick the version.
With comics you usually have a lot of different designs to choose from, and even more when you branch out to television and movies. You don’t necessarily have to pick a single version (when you genderswap you can get away with taking creative liberties) but it helps to choose a direction to go in. 

Next: What are you keeping? 
You want to carry over the identifiable stuff (like Thor’s blonde hair, the hammer, maybe the helmet, the red cape) but you also want to keep things that are important to the character. Think about their personality, what they do and how it ties into the character’s design. Is armor important for Thor? 

** Side note: I think a good question to ask is:” does it need to be different?”  You might only need to make some minor changes to make a costume feminine but still fit the character. You don’t necessarily have to bring bikini armor into your re-design to make it a female version. The final look of this gender swap is entirely up to you.  

Then: Reference! 
 Looking at similar female characters to get an idea of what a female in that world would wear. With Thor, you might reference characters such as Valkyrie, Thor Girl and Sif

You can also look at outside references. What have other cosplayers done? What are fan artists drawing? 

Sketch or Plan
After you have an idea of what you can do sketch it out, write it down, create a collage or otherwise get that idea on paper. Even if your drawing skills are terrible, it may help you understand if your plan will work. 

Does the character look like a female version of Thor to you? Is there anything you could do to improve the design? Ask friends for feedback and finalize your ideas before starting on the costume. (Nothing is set in stone, if you get a good idea you can always adapt your costume as you go. Once again, creative liberties)

This post mainly focused on doing a genderbend that fits the character’s existing design but makes the “genderbend” relatively clear but that isn’t the only direction you can go in… 

If you want to go the comedic route you might go completely opposite of what they usually wear but keeping recognizable elements, like the eleventh doctor in a bikini and bow tie.

You may also want to do a costume that is inspired by the character’s appearance,  like pikachu knight or lolita!sasuke did. 

Hope this helps! 

How do you make Dirk Strider glasses?
Hello there! I'm going to be cosplaying princess peach but the race track suit version and I was wondering how I should go about making her ponytail. Thanks for your time!

You’re going to be so cute! :P 

Check out these tutorials for adding a ponytail to a wig. The easy way is to make a clip-on ponytail, the more challenging way involves adding wefts and stubbing but if you have a thick wig you might be able to get away with just pulling it up. The major difference in appearance is that you’ll have hair hanging down with the clip-on, and the hair will all be pulled up with stubbing. 


How would you go around making a crown? My friend and I want to cosplay Fat Princess and are unsure how to make the crowns.

There are a bunch of crown tutorials here that can help you out.

Crowns can be made by many of the same materials used for armor.  What works best will depend on your budget, space/tools available and the crown itself.

My go-to for a simple crown would be worbla sandwiched around craft foam or just craft foam by itself with some good priming before painting. 


Do you have any recommendations on where to buy colored contacts?

Personally My boyfriend and I have bought from, and and I would recommend them all (although the first two might not be the most cost effective). 

i have heard good things about pinkyparadise, and honeycolor but I have not purchased from either of them. 

Would you know where to buy many feathers in varying sizes? My friend and I are both doing cosplays that requite wings, one black and one white, and I can't seem to find very large feathers in large quantities. Would you happen to know where to find any?

Ebay, AliExpress maybe Amazon? Look for places that will sell wholesale amounts to people who aren’t licensed businesses. A quick google search gave me some, but the best site will depend on the country you are in because of shipping, and also what is in your price range. 

This thread has some good suggestions of where to buy feathers for cosplay. Perhaps one of them will work for you.

Ps. Check the wing section of the tutorial list for some harness, wing and feather tutorials that might help you out with your project. 


Do you have anything for attack on Titan? Outfits,shoes etc. please and thank you in advance

There are a couple tutorials for Attack on Titan here:

There is a guide here for the maneuver gear and here for the patches. Plus more patches, boot covers, harness and the waist skirt. 

In terms of general tutorials you could look at Boot Cover tutorials for the shoes, and sewing patterns for the cropped jacket / shirt etc. 


Hey, any advise on how to make a Mrs. Marvel custom. Like the one with the long sleeves

Are we talking Captain Marvel or Kamala Ms. Marvel? 

With Captain Marvel you’re looking at a bodysuit. there are some tutorials for making body suits here:

Specifically, it’s a great resource for making bodysuits. 

You may also find this stretch applique tutorial useful:

If you’re doing kamala you could make or buy a long sleeve shirt and pants or tights. Alternatively you could make a body suit (tutorials above) but it would be harder to use the washroom if you did! :P Then you could look for a sewing pattern that would work for the dress.


I'm doing Dizzy from Guilty Gears and it's my first time attempting to make shoes and I wanted to know how you would make them?

Most of the time cosplayers will make boot covers which are worn over an existing pair of shoes. You can see a variety of boot cover tutorials here

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