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I want to bring your attention to the #notacosplayer project run by Eddie of Food and Cosplay (facebook, tumblr).

Pretty angry at those photos right? Yeah, me too. The top one is me and six of the other cosplayers are extremely close friends of mine. (I’ve tagged their pages if you click on the photos!)

#notacosplayer is here to tackle the bullying within the cosplay community and especially that from outside. A lot of people, too many people believe that you have to be a thin, white woman with large boobs and an incredibly attractive face to be “allowed” to cosplay, and then what? If you are you’re brandished a slut/whore, a fake geek and only doing it for male attention. Yes there are a small handful of people who do infact cosplay for attention and have no interest in the characters, but for the people with a genuine love of what they’re doing, this is massively hurtful.

Comments like the ones above are received on a daily basis for a lot of cosplayers, whether it be a sly remark from another convention goer, on a facebook page where “well its just a picture on the internet” or some other form of online forum, the comments are read and they’re upsetting.

Cosplayers spend countless hours picking costumes, hunting down where the best place to get them from is or locating the most realistic parts for a costume. They send off designs and reference to commissioners to ensure that their piece is perfect and just how they want it, constantly giving feedback and input on their item. Some other cosplayers spend hours and hours slaving away with cuts and burns to create something they’re proud of and love.

They take a picture and hang it with absolute pride at how awesome they look, how they replicated their favorite character in their own way. They show it to their friends who all say how awesome it is and they share it around.

And for what?

Definitely not for some random person off the internet to feel the need to comment and chip in, ignoring every ounce of effort and accuracy on a costume. Friend, you found this image probably because you’re a fan of what I’m cosplaying from, could you comment on my costume please?
No, straight for the jugular, right in the “you’re not good enough to cosplay because…”

"You’re #notacosplayer because…”

Well I am. And Everyone else who says their a cosplayer is a cosplayer. The rules of cosplay aren’t written on attractiveness or likeness, they’re written on costume play.

So stand proud guys. Bullying will not be tolerated anymore. Share your stories and lets stop this horrible taboo where we never speak about the nasty comments we receive. Its a major part and its driving out incredible members of our community. Negativity won’t be tolerated anymore.

You’re all amazing and incredible and you can do whatever you set your mind to. Don’t let these comments put you off doing that dream character or starting cosplaying. Stand up proud and where that costume, show bullies and negativity that you don’t care…




I always get a little nervous when I go Cosplaying around the city and there isn’t a convention going on anywhere. You never know how people are going to react. Some people can be really cruel or the police just target you for being a “Weirdo.” Needless to say, I’m always on guard. 

However, this precious moment happen while we were at the Capitol. 

While we were setting up the Photo Shoot, these little girls came timidly walking up to us. The eldest said that the little girl in pink wanted to say hi. The little girl in pink was so shy that she couldn’t get a word out but just a shy smile. 

The eldest, who spoke for the whole group, said that all the girls had never met a Female Superhero. They were all so excited! 

I didn’t have the heart to explain that I wasn’t technically a girl but a genderbend of Bucky but all the girls were so excited to shake my hand, hug me, and just talk to me that I decided it wasn’t even worth the mention.

The younger ones kept jumping up and down and saying “You’re so cool!” - “You’re like Super Woman!” ~ “Girl Power!” They just filled up my heart with joy. 

They all had to leave after a few minutes but gave me a huge hug and said I made their trip amazing. 

Moments like this is why I believe Cosplay is so awesome! It isn’t about how many LIKES you have or how “Cosfamous” you are. It’s about doing what you love and, in the process, spreading as much love and joy to others that you feel yourself! 

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carry me home… [x]

(Colossalcon, June 2014)

It me!!! Archie this was such a lovely video. You are such a sweetheart and meeting you was an absolute pleasure.

Ontario cosplayers might enjoy this! It’s a chance to wear a costume and do some good for the community.

Northern Panic: Cosplay City Clean Up!
A Cosplay City Clean Up Competition!
Hosted By Northern Panic 
Date: Sunday May 4th 2014
Time: 11:00am - 3:00pm

London and Toronto are going to face off in their first annual Cosplay Clean Up! The mission is to see who can clean their Canadian city the best, while in costume! Teams will be headed up by Don’t Panic Cosplay in London, Ontario and by Northern Belle in Toronto, Ontario. Both teams will take before/after photos of their parks and a photo of all the trash collected and a ‘winner’ decided.


This is wonderful!

Happy Cosplay Positive Friday!I’m sure we’ve all looked at our cosplay pictures after a con and picked apart what we’d fix and change about our costumes, wig, prop, makeup and ourselves. Next time, think about what you love as well.


This is wonderful!

Happy Cosplay Positive Friday!

I’m sure we’ve all looked at our cosplay pictures after a con and picked apart what we’d fix and change about our costumes, wig, prop, makeup and ourselves. Next time, think about what you love as well.

The thing I love most about con weekends is the fact that everyone who enjoys the same pop culture can basically live together for a few days. You’re completely surrounded by talented, sweet, funny, and awesome people. Whenever I walk into a con, I feel at ease. I also love all the cosplayers. This weekend I overheard some people saying how “these people…they’re still kids…they like to dress up in costumes and watch cartoons.” Although this might be a blunt way to say it, its true. But that person had no idea how much work goes into those ‘costumes’ or how deep some of those ‘cartoons’ touch some fans. This culture has so much to offer on levels I cannot explain. Its just something that happens. For three days, you can be whichever character you want to be, put in hours and hundreds of dollars on your costume, and practice your theatrics. You literally see these ‘cartoons’ come to life. It takes a lot of work to be an otaku, but in the end its all about being fun and happy and that’s what makes me truly happy about being able to go to cons and experience. NekoCon, it was an awesome weekend! Thank you!
Does this really need saying? Oh, probably.


A small for-the record, which seems to me so obvious I never thought it would actually have to be said, but…

COSplay is its own artform, and its own branch of fandom.

I love it when I see people, of any gender, in well-done or enthusiastic costumes of characters that I made up, whether from comics or from novels or from films or from TV. (It’s one reason I reblog them.)

I don’t believe that anybody in the costume is under any obligation to have read my books or comics, to have seen any of the films, or to like the TV show in question. I tend to assume that if you’re dressed as (say) Death you probably like Sandman, or if you’re dressed as Idris you like Doctor Who, or if you and your girlfriend are dressed as Crowley and Aziraphale  you are very probably Good Omens fans, because that’s the way things normally are, but it’s not always true and I do not take it for granted. (Sometimes people like the costume and thought it would be fun, sometimes they were roped in by friends to make up a set of the Endless, or whatever.) I’ve definitely had to reassure a few people over the years that I loved their costume and did not mind that they hadn’t read the book or comic it was based on.

I really love how far COSplay’s come over the last twenty five years. I think it takes skill, craft and guts to make costumes and to wear them in public. 

So that’s what I think.

Brilliant, and true.

A great read about how one person’s costume went viral as a “bad costume” and what she did about it.

From sandrarivasart:

[snip] View original commentary here

While this excellent post is about drawing it really can apply to any creative hobby or job, even cosplay! 

Happy cosplay positive friday! Get confident! 


Kaleb said that he wanted to grow up to be Power Ranger, and so the Power Rangers wrote him back. :) Check it out at True Heroes of Cosplay. It’s stuff like this that makes me love cosplay and Power Rangers!

Ahhh such good feels here :D

Plus those are some really nice helmets, I’m super jealous! 


To every girl who has ever said, or even thought, “I’m not pretty enough to cosplay”

I want you to take a look at these photos. Side by side. One is fresh out of the shower and ready for bed. The other is wearing makeup, a wig, and having her picture taken by a photographer. This is the same girl.

It’s amazing how much you DON’T see of all those great cosplayers who are idolized. You see their cosplay pictures and are envious that you aren’t that pretty. But reality is, when we go out in cosplay there is a lot of makeup and wig work involved. I have friends that don’t recognize me outside of cosplay.

I don’t want young girls to look at cosplayers and think, “I can never look at that.” Because cosplay is what made me feel beautiful. I want you to look at yourself and say, “They’re just like me when they aren’t in costume. We’re all human, and I am just as beautiful as such and such is.”

When I go out to the grocery store, not wearing makeup, probably wearing old cut up jeans that have paint on them, I don’t get hit on. No one tells me I’m beautiful. But I step outside of my hotel room and suddenly I have young teenage girls telling me how they wish they looked like me and how they don’t feel pretty enough to cosplay.

I’m telling the truth when I say, “I’m wearing a lot of makeup.”

Happy Cosplay Positive Friday!

I saw this post earlier this week and saved it till today, It’s a great message, because anyone can cosplay and anyone has a chance to look awesome!

You may not look 100% like your character, you may not have a giant fan following, you may not get many pictures taken - don’t base success solely on that! When you cosplay you are also showing off your skills, your love for the hobby/character/series, and your guts to actually go out in public in costume. Be proud of your work while you wear it, and then look back on what you can improve so you’re even better the next time!

Cosplay Positive Friday

Just a short post this week, I came across this link and it’s a great “pick me up” for when you’re feeling down about yourself:

Cosplay Bullying


You know…

Being on maternity leave, I have the ability to spend WAY too much time with my computer and I’ve picked up quite a few things. I don’t take what people say to heart for the most part… having had a brutal pregnancy, and losing 45 lbs during and after, i take particular pride in what I am able to wear, especially after giving birth.

I just think alot of the elitist in this world are VERY hypocritical when they say they are very against the cosplay bullying when they start it themselves. :/ It’s annoying. Or the people who don’t cosplay period and need something to fap to. I’m sorry I am not worthy of your fapping. I shouldn’t be anyway. I’m a mother and am happily taken.

The worst bullying I tend to see is in the Evangelion cosplay field. No one is perfect in there cosplay. Cosplays themselves aren’t perfect. Girls go through hell to cosplay the characters they love best. For me, It’s Asuka and Mari. People are disgusting. I get messages from idiots claiming they’ve posted it on CGL or various other sites. Honestly, you guys can’t take that to heart. For every asshole in this world, there are probably 100 people who will tell you your cosplay is gorgeous.

I have and always will stand by my opinion that people cosplay what they want to cosplay for the fun of it all, not for some pervert’s guilty pleasure because he’s not getting any from his girlfriend or lack there of. It disgusts me to no end.

Mark those hate messages as spam, ignore them, just don’t respond. You’ll get more satisfaction out of pissing your haters off more.

So in view of the idiots spamming my Mari cosplay. I don’t care. Fap to my Loki cosplay. He’s far more enjoyable <3

Live Long & Prosper, May the Odds be Ever in Your Favor, and Join Loki’s Army.

End Rant for Today.

Some of you are probably yelling at the computer screen “It’s Cosplay POSITIVE friday, so why are you posting such sad videos!?” and you’re right! Lets get the mood up!

I came across this facebook page “Cosplayers Against Bullying” that is working toward awareness, and help and support for cosplayers who are bullied. They have a variety of great posts including images, articles, questions and cosplay tips.

It looks to be a great page and I suggest checking it out! You can see their page here:

Happy Cosplay Positive Friday!

After recent events in the cosplay community, and bullying that has been in the news this week I thought I would share this video which is a very inspirational piece. It’s very emotional, so be warned that it may give you the sads.

If anyone would like to submit any similar videos or inspirational articles / pieces about bullying, harrassment or abuse (either within the world or cosplay community) please do so! You can submit by e-mailing or using the submit box at:

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