WCS 2013 USA performance second place @ world cosplay summit Nagoya uploaded by TV FRANCE JAPON

Anime Vegas 2012 - “Best in Show” Masquerade Winners uploaded by videoideastv

WCS World Cosplay Summit Brasil 2013 - Paulo e Fernanda: Card Captor Sakura uploaded by RodIshiCi

SugoiCon 2007 - “… Part Two: Body Language” uploaded by  

Goldenrodfairy - Animosity Cosplay Videos

WCS USA Mountain Regionals: #2 Wild Garden Cosplay - Revolutionary Girl Utena uploaded by World Cosplay Summit United States Preliminaries

San Diego Comic Con 2007 - #21 Sasuke Sakura Pyramid Head uploaded by acparadise

Ohayocon 2009 - #04 Shinigami Illustrated Picturebook uploaded by acparadise

2014 World Cosplay Summit- Kirayume uploaded by Elite Cosplay

OTAKON 2006 - Triforce uploaded by  chibimaria

Katsucon 2004 - #09 Cell Shade Tango uploaded by acparadise

Do you agree? What do you think cosplayers need to stop doing?

Cosplay - A Happy Parody uploaded by 


D Piddy

Congrats to Jaky Di Bondone and Mina Ortolani of Team Mexico
Winners of the Niconico Awards (Live Cast Audience Votes) at the 2014 World Cosplay Summit

View the video:

Learn more about Team Mexico:

Congrats to Shinji and Tiny of Team Denmark
Winners of the Brother Award (Best costume) at the 2014 World Cosplay Summit.

View the video here:

Learn more about Team Denmark:

Edit: had the wrong link for “learn more”, this has been changed.

Congrats to Madoka and Crispychicken of Team Spain 
Who won the Cyperius Award (Best Wig) at the 2014 World Cosplay Summit

View the video here:

Learn more about the team here:

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